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Launch Costs are at a historic low and are falling year over year.  Constructing large structures in space is now financially and technologically viable. 


Orbital Assembly Corporation exists to be a Turn-key Space Construction Company able to build any structure in space quickly and with precision.


Below are examples of the types of projects we are gearing up to build. 

Space Hotels & Suites
Space Based Telescopes
On-Orbit Solar Power Stations
Fueling Stations
Deep Space Network
Gateway Spaceport
Large Space Based Arrays


To build anything well, you have to have the right tools. Listed here are a collection of space construction machines we want to have in our inventory to build some of the projects that will forever change our emergence into our solar system or assist in our understanding of the universe. This list is far from complete, many more tools and machines will join this page as we move forward with our ambitions.

OAC Team

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Dr. Thomas Spilker
Vice President
Timothy Alatorre
James Anthony Wolff, Esq.
Jeff Greenblatt Ph.D
Asst. Secretary
Robert Miyaki
Chris Fellers

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